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Start your next project with top quality leather chemicals, machinery and technical knowhow from MOA. Providing start-ups with top quality supplies since 1975. Utilizing the latest technology, we only use the finest materials enabling you to bring the market competitive quality products and access to various markets. We care about quality, customer satisfaction & providing the market with the most sufficient needs and supplies.

Our team is passionate about leather; we have a dedicated and wide network of sales staff and agents who have worked for MOA for years developing relationships across the industry. They are committed to working with you to bring the latest and innovative products you want to the market.

Whatever your project, whatever the application and whatever your budget, our highly trained team, including specialists, will help you find the right solution that meets your needs. The company continues to grow its strong tradition of responsibility that includes various programs for start-ups and tanneries giving them an opportunity to invest in themselves and become self-sufficient contributors to the market.


  • 1, Maahad El Tadreeb Street,
  • Zahraa El Maadi Road, Cairo, EGYPT
  • Phone & FAX: +2(02) 2517 2998

Rubaiky City

  • Plot K 65,66 Rubaiky Industrial Zone
  • Beside Badr city, Cairo, Egypt
  • E-Mail:

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